Duncan Goodhue

One of Lord Aschaffenbergs loyal guards.


Race High Elf
Current Career Soldier

ST = 4 +1 Fortune Die
TO = 4
AG = 4
IN = 3
WP = 3
FE = 3
*Wound Threshold


Duncan is a High Elf from Lothern in the Elven Kingdom of Ulthuan

Born to highly respected parents Duncan had the misfortune to be born less than perfect in Elven eyes and was cast out fron his elven home when only 20 years old.

He has spent the last 15 years traveling the world and has found himself in the middle of nowhere. More specifically Ubersreik. A few months ago he was hired by Lord Aschafenberg as a guard to protect his newly aquired stately home from Beastman attacks. Duncan finds his current situation deeply ironic. He has rejected his high elf past and regards elven pre-occupations with art and music and the finer things in life with bitterness and hostility. However he also finds humans course and vulgar. In this state of angst, not knowing who he is, or where he truly belongs, he has begun to try and “outdo” his human neighbours and colleagues by, as he sees it, being more human than the humans. This generally involves him being more course, more vulgar, more dirty and uncouth than anyone else. This behaviour has the effect of making Duncan popular as a source of laughs down in the tavern but most people just dont how to react to a foul mouthed beligerent Elf and tend to keep their distance. These mixed messages just help to fuel Duncans hostility and mistrust.

Duncan Goodhue

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