Hirad Coldheart

High Elf Soldier


Race High Elf
Current Career Soldier

ST = 4 +1 Fortune Die
TO = 4
AG = 4
IN = 3
WP = 3
FE = 3
*Wound Threshold 12


Hirad was born to a high upstanding family near Hoeth, in the land of Ulthuan. The eldest of two sons, Hirad was a role model to his brother.
They joined the ranks of the famed Swordsmen of Hoeth, training for years to use the fabled two handed swords with ease and lethal capability that came from the devoted training of the elves before they enter the realm of war.
But tradegy struck days before completing his training. A trip into the woods to hunt deer ended with their capture and Hirads brothers brutal murder at the hands of Dark Elves. Hirad escaped with his life but he was so mentally traumatised by the ordeal he failed the final training. his mind broken, he killed the captain that had trained him and injured many others before fleeing his homeland.
He arrived in Ubersreik after several years in the wild, atoning for his transgressions and regaining his former mind, putting the death of his brother behind him. He joined Lord Aschafenberg guard as a penance and to put the skills he has learnt in the wild to the test.

Hirad Coldheart

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