Jace Vessan


Race Human
Current Career Gambler

ST = 3
TO = 2
AG = 4
IN = 5
WP = 2
FE = 4
*Wound Threshold 11


Jace was raised in Helmgart by his mother. Having never known his father, from his mid-teens Jace cared for his mother who grew increasingly ill.

As soon as he was old enough he worked part time in one of the local gambling dens as a kitchen hand and fetching drinks for the players. This earned him a small wage but more importantly allowed him to watch the games, which fascinated him.

He picked up as much during these sessions as he could and even managed to get a few coaching lessons from some of the players who took a shine to his natural charisma. Before long he started gambling himself and earned a better income doing so.

Sadly shortly after he turned 20 Jace’s mother passed away leaving nothing for him in Helmgart. With the money he had earned and the few things he owned he left to travel the Empire.

For a few years he travelled various towns and cities picking up new techniques and skills as he went. Eventually ending up in Ubersreik where he teamed up with Rufus Farseer and Karl Zweischaft to do some work for a local lord.

Jace Vessan

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