Rufus Farseer

deadly scout, slightly mad, tendencies to wander


Race Human
Current Career Scout

ST = 3
TO = 2
AG = 5
IN = 5
WP = 2
FE = 3
*Wound Threshold 11


Rufus started life as a normal family man, Sharing his peaceful life with his wife and 2 young lads. He was a watch maker by trade. Selling his hand crafted watches at the local village. On a beautiful warm summers evening his life was 2 change for ever. Rufus was at the village sale closing up shop, when he heard reports that his local town had been ambushed by the dreaded savage beastmen. He headed straight back home 2 find his house burnt to the ground, his wife & kids missing. He was distraught, angry, some witnesses said they had never seen so much rage & despair in a mans eyes. He was lost, wandered for days, weeks, months living off the land. He stubbled upon a monastry in which the monks told him they would guide him through his challenges, train him in martial arts & combat so he could avenge his family & once more live a peaceful life. Things soon went wrong, he completed half of his combat training when he beat a fellow monk to death. His uncontrolable rage had sent him mad. He fled to the near by town of uberich in which he tried to blend in and start over…….. Rufus still often wanders off at random. People unsure why, he keeps his cards close to his chest, a very strange character. Town folk say he is still looking for his family, even now 8 years on.

Rufus Farseer

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