Warhammer storm

All's fare in love and war

After the battle the party discover that the wagon roof is damaged and one of the horses has been seriously wounded. Fortunately the weather seems to be improving so the hole in the wagons roof should not be too much of a problem. The horse however is another matter and it is decided to put the animal out of its misery. Hirad Coldheart slaughters the horse and shows a remarkable talent for butchery as he expertly deals with the carcass.

The scouts notice more beastmen activity around them and the wagon pushes on towards the safety of Ubersreik. The remains of the horse left behind serve to occupy a large group of ungors. As they feast upon an easy meal, the adventurers put some distance between themselves and the beasts.

The party press on through the forest without further mishap and eventually, as the sun sinks behind the tallest trees of the Reikwaldd Forest, they draw up in front of the town gates. They are called to a halt by a group of guards who ask them their business in town, what weapons they carry and search the wagon quickly for contraband or illegal items. The party are very nervous and act suspiciously but as the guards are 5 minutes from the end of their shift they let them pass. At this point the party can see that many people are in town; a small fare seems to have set up in the town square and a busy livestock market is taking place.

Once through the gates Rufus Farseer spies a young woman walking past the cart and overcome by her obvious charms decides to show his ardour by promptly spanking her nethers. Amazingly the woman flattered by this sudden outburst of affection allows herself to be sidled away to the nearest alehouse. Imagine her acute disappointment when, later on, she discovers that the impressive looking bulge down Rufus’s breeches is in fact, a smelly Gors horn ripped from a beastmens skull, and not at all the kind of horn she was hoping for.

Meanwhile Karl Zweischaft and the others take the horses and cart to the stables and proceed to the Blacksmith. Hirad gets rid of the heavy warhammer and Duncan and Karl look at some tasty weaponry. Duncan buys an well crafted two handed sword as does Karl. Karl however fails to understand the complex social nuances of haggling and gets the worst of the two deals.

Journey back to Ubersreik

So, after defeating the nefarious plot of the chaos cultists operating in the midst of Lord Aschaffenbergs house, the party decided at the Lords request to return to Ubersreik. The party have been joined by a severely injured High Elf guard called Duncan Gooddhue and another high elf guard called Hadir. These two characters were both drugged by the Guard captain during the chaos ritual summoning at the mansion, and at the the conclusion of the attack by the beastmen, were saved from death by the brave and timely intervention of Rufus Zweischaft.

After resting for the night and eating breakfast the party decided to wrap up the cursed painting and stow it beneath the wagon upon which they would be travelling. Inside the wagon are Duncan and his elf companion and the crazy old dwarf blacksmith who wants to return his dwarven heirlooms to his home – the dwarf stronghold of Karak Azgaraz. The dwarf has been heavily sedated by Aschaffenburgs blind nurse.

Final preparations completed, the party begin their journey to Ubersreik. Their mission is to recruit more guards and household staff to replace those slaugtered during the unfortunate events of the last few days. They also wish to seek out a priest of Sigmar who can advise them on how to dispose of the vile painting. Finaly Duncan will require the attentions of a skilled healer and the party all wish to go SHOPPING to spend there hard earned silver pieces!

Half an hour into the journey the party are once again attacked by a small band of Ungors and their Gor leaders. Fortunately both Hadir and Rufus are scouting and prevent the beastmen from surprising the wagontrain. Rufus also narrowly avoids certain impalement by a masterful display of horsemanship as he avoids a vicious spiked pit trap.

The beastmen surround the wagon and, from a distance, pepper it with burning arrows. Alas for the attackers, the ever resourceful Jace extinguishes the flames with most of his waterskin. Thank the gods for the persistant drizzle that soaks everything, and the stupidity of the ungors!

The Ungors close in urged on by the manic Gors. Melee ensues and the humans put up a brave fight, even the injured elf manages to fire off a couple of shots with his crossbow. At the end of the attack the sole surviving Gor in deperation climbs beneath the wagon in an attempt to gain possession of the vile painting. In doing so the wagon is nearly up-ended and one of the horses looks to be injured. The Gor is mortally wounded before he can retreat into the dark forest. Karl attempts to question the beast but as he fails to understand the creatures half-human grunts and snarls. Rufus then calmly slits its throat and then decapitates his victim with a swift stroke of his sword.

As the rain continues to fall the adventurers search the bodies of the fallen, collect whatever items they consider useful or valuable (a few items of rusty armour and a two handed war-hammer) Rufus also taking the horns of his victim as a trophy, they then prepare to move on.


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